SFT Protests Apple CEO Tim Cook's decision to Remove VPNs, Calls for Reversal of Action

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“I always wanted to contribute my part to the movement and what better way than SFT. The work SFT does is a constant source of inspiration. Be it direct action or working towards freeing political prisoners, every victory counts, small or big, and that has to be acknowledged. Being around passionate young Tibetans who continue to lead the movement is a privilege.”

— Tenzin Lhawang, Toronto, Canada

Free Tashi Wangchuk

Tibetan shopkeeper, Tashi Wangchuk, 31, was detained on January 27, 2016, after appearing in a New York Times video in which he advocated for the rights of Tibetans to learn...
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Stand with Larung Gar

The world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist academy, Larung Gar, is currently facing wide-scale demolitions by the Chinese government. The multi-year plan, which aims to downsize Larung Gar’s population by 50% and evict and displace...
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Tibet’s Rivers: Asia’s Lifeline

Tibet, known as Water Tower of Asia, serves as the source of ten major Asian river systems flowing into some of the most densely ­populated countries: China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia,...
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