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“I love the nonviolent activism by SFT and that students are the ones who are doing the actions to free Tibet.  SFT has inspired me, a 4th grader, to help teach other kids about nonviolence. I am working with a group of kids and we are writing a guide for how kids can take nonviolent action in protests and in marches. Thanks SFT. Free Tibet!” -Cayesh

— Cayesh & Siula from Berkeley, California

Kokoxili: Nomads’ Land

The Chinese government is seeking UNESCO World Heritage status for Kokoxili (Hoh Xil in Chinese) in Tibet. Kokoxili is a vast area, as big as Denmark and the Netherlands combined,...
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Free Tashi Wangchuk

Tibetan shopkeeper, Tashi Wangchuk, 31, was detained on January 27, 2016, after appearing in a New York Times video in which he advocated for the rights of Tibetans to learn...
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Stand with Larung Gar

The world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist academy, Larung Gar, is currently facing wide-scale demolitions by the Chinese government. The multi-year plan, which aims to downsize Larung Gar’s population by 50% and evict and displace...
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