‘Exercise Your Right’ #BannedByChina

Int’l Human Rights Day — December 10, 2017

This December 10, International Human Rights Day, let’s take a clear, unified stand for Tibet against China’s oppression. Join the Exercise Your Right: #BannedByChina campaign in the week leading up to this date.

How do I take part?


Plan your #BannedByChina activities between December 1 and 8
— So we can have the photos in time to share on December 10 —

Examples of activities Banned By China:

…and so much more.



Use any of our resources below and the social media hashtags.



Get people to join in the Exercise Your Right #BannedByChina campaign, take lots of photos, and use our Facebook stamp!

— Send them to us by December 8 —


Extra: Did you know these famous people were or are #BannedByChina ?

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