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The world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist academy, Larung Gar, is currently facing wide-scale demolitions by the Chinese government. The multi-year plan, which aims to downsize Larung Gar’s population by 50% and evict and displace at least half of its 10,000+ residents, began on July 20th, 2016.


 Last month’s European Parliament resolution made it clear to China that the Larung Gar demolitions and evictions are unacceptable. This month’s EU-China Human Rights Dialogue is a critical opportunity to directly call on China to end the demolitions. Sign the letter to EU High Secretary Federica Mogherini now!

On Monday, August 8th, Radio Free Asia broke news of a Tibetan nun, Rinzin Dolma, from Larung Gar who hung herself on July 20 to protest the demolition. According to Radio Free Asia, “she left a note behind in which she wrote about how she could not bear the pain of the endless Chinese harassment of innocent Buddhists who quietly studied at the institute.” Two more nuns, named Tsering Dolma and Semga, are also reported to have committed suicide in protest against the demolitions of their residences.

Let’s rise up to remind China that we stand with the people of Larung Gar. Let’s rise up to tell China that they will, in fact, be held accountable for their actions.


Lobby for Larung Gar. Contact and meet with your local representatives. Ask them to urge your Foreign Office to make an urgent statement condemning the demolitions at Larung Gar by Chinese authorities, and to push for an immediate end to the wide-scale destruction of residences.

Collect signatures for the sign-on letter to your respective Foreign Office. Download, edit it with your Naitonal Foreign Office details, and print it out to collect signatures asking your Foreign Office to Stand with Larung Gar. Make sure to input them right away on the Stand With Larung Gar website.


Oct 21, Global Day of Action:

More information on Larung Gar demolitions:

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