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Tibet is in Crisis

Over 60 years of violent Chinese rule has created a crisis in occupied Tibet. Since 2009, at least 140 Tibetans have lit themselves on fire in protest of Chinese rule in occupied Tibet. Community leaders, monks, nuns, writers, teachers, mothers, fathers and even teenagers in their fiery protest have called for freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama.

China’s authorities have responded to the unprecedented wave of self-immolations by intensifying its military crackdown on towns and monasteries, cut off Internet and telephone communications, imprisoned and even sentenced to death family and relatives of the self-immolators, blocked foreign journalists, and implemented provocative and repressive policies in Tibet.


China is Responsible

In response to the spiraling crisis, individual governments have openly condemned China’s extreme repression in Tibet, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, EU – but it has been done in isolation of each other. Individual government pressure is not enough to stop China’s violence. China continuously has been unresponsive to bilateral talks and pressure from the individual governments. In fact, the Chinese government have ramped up their pressure on world governments to keep silent on Tibet, threatening economic and diplomatic penalties.
China’s blatant bullying tactics to silence our governments’ concern on Tibet clearly illustrates the failure of the current policy to address China’s occupation of Tibet through bilateral approaches.


The Tibet Solution

The best strategy to grab the attention of China’s leaders and compel them to back away from their repressive policies in Tibet is joint action by world governments. It’s high time like-minded governments Unite for Tibet. By acting together, instead of individually, our governments can develop a common approach in accordance with our shared values and democratic principles to resolve the crisis in Tibet. Together our governments can coordinate a united response to Tibet’s crisis, gain leverage over China that currently doesn’t exist, secure greater concessions from China, and seek better protection from China’s punitive reaction.

Since November 2012, we have met with over several foreign offices and decision makers all around the world to introduce our Tibet Solution to our governments. Some world leaders have spoken out in support of this – including the US in 2012 who indicated that they could lead a coordinated forum with other like-minded countries. Governments now know what we are asking for but they need to hear from you. The only way they will act together on the Tibet Solution is if we create momentum and pressure.


You can make a difference for Tibet


Take Action!

Take action with me today and share my Tibet Solution with the world. Write to your elected leader and urge them to call upon your Prime Minister or president to take joint coordinated action for Tibet with like minded countries. Make your voice heard by the people who can make this strategy work for Tibet.



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