UPDATE: China Sentenced Tashi Wangchuk to Five Years in Prison

Last night, we found out that Tashi Wangchuk received a sentence of five years in prison on charges of “inciting separatism”. His crime: advocating for the protection of Tibetan language. Regardless of China’s obligations to protect the Tibetan language under their own constitution, Tashi’s calls for the right to learn, read, write, and speak Tibetan freely...
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SFT Condemns China’s Verdict on Tashi Wangchuk’s Case

After over two years of arbitrary detention by Chinese authorities for his language advocacy, Tibetan shopkeeper Tashi Wangchuk has received a verdict of five years of imprisonment on trumped-up charges of “inciting separatism.” This kind of heavy-handed response is typical of an authoritarian and insecure government without rule of law. China is fearful of an...
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Tashi Wangchuk: Public Protest, Direct Action, and UN Advocacy

We are pulling out all the stops for the immediate release of Tashi Wangchuk. Tashi Wangchuk is a language advocate who was detained for bringing China to court over its failure to protect Tibetan language. On April 14 last month, we protested at the Chinese mission to mark 100 days since Tashi Wangchuk’s closed-door trial in January this year, which...
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