A Few Days Until Shokjang’s Release!

Shokjang is scheduled to be released after completing his three year sentence on false charges of separatism. Help raise the alarm to ensure his release!

Almost three years ago, Druklo, commonly known by his pen name Shokjang, was arrested for writing about the increased presence of Chinese armed security forces in Tibet. A determined man, with a simple plan – to use his pen and paper to tell the story of his homeland.

Call your country’s embassy in China and tell them:

“I/We request that you speak urgently to Chinese authorities about Shokjang’s case and call for his safe and timely release, and urge that his human and civil rights are not further violated.”

Find your embassy’s Phone number

Together, we can remind China that the world is watching.

No person should have to spend time behind bars for sharing the truth.

P.S. Are you on Facebook? If so, share the images of Shokjang’s countdown-to-release. Images can be found at https://www.facebook.com/StudentsforaFreeTibet.

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