A letter of inspiration from the recently released Jigme Guri

Free Tibet, an organization campaigning for freedom in Tibet based in the UK, recently acquired an inspiring letter from Jigme Guri, a recently released political prisoner who had served 5 years in total, in various prisons for ‘inciting splittism’ according to Chinese officials. Please see below the translated text from the original letter sent in Tibetan by Jigme Guri, under alias ‘Labrang Jigme’, followed by the image of the letter acquired by Free Tibet.

“Survived Another Threat to Life”

“Once my courage and commitment, love for Tibetans, love for Tibet, hope and the spirit for survival have declined, then “their” wishes are fulfilled. So, they have various means and methods to defeat us, such as threatening and misleading, lying and deception. In a nutshell, showing threatening faces and cunning smiles are the methods they have become experts in.

“In this way, the general public have been fooled. As for us, major crimes have been manipulated and hats have been put on our heads – we have been made to face the law and admit to many things that we haven’t done and, as a result, we have been tortured severely. Or, we have been continuously targeted to be destroyed from the world completely.

“But I can say that they could not have made any changes to my thinking and my innermost promise. On the contrary, for the sake of truth and justice, for the sake of fairness and loyalty, I gained strength, power, courage, patience and much more that I hadn’t gained before. And I believe this is the power of the strength of truth and justice.

“My thoughts about my people, my love for my country, my hope for my fellow Tibetans are unshakeable like that of a rocky mountain, no one can destroy that. For the sake of world peace, the flourishing of the land and happiness for sentient beings, I can sacrifice myself. This is the life promise created by truth and justice. When a butter lamp is extinguished by the wind, or prayer flags are cut by a knife, or whatever it may be, this is the will of a dying man or innermost heartfelt words.

“By Labrang Jigme, On 26 November, 2016”

Original source: Free Tibet

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