Inspiring words ahead of our 2008 Uprising Commemoration

Jane Robinett at the top of a high pass, Amdo, Tibet in 2012. Photo Credit: Jane Robinett.

We are just a few days away from the 2008: 10 Year Anniversary event, and overwhelmed by the incredible support from our community. When we ran a sponsorship drive last month, several businesses and individuals immediately stepped up to sponsor our event.

This reaffirmed our belief that the protests of 2008 had an immense impact on everyone. We were particularly inspired by the words of support from one of our supporters, Jane Robinett, a donor from Portland, Oregon (US) shown below.

Today, we are opening up our donations so that you too can support this important commemoration. Our sponsorships for the 2008 event are now closed, but you can donate as an ally with a simple donation of $50, a Friend of Tibet for $250, or a champion for $500. Click here to donate now.

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We thank you for your continued involvement and support, and re-commit ourselves to the movement in the new era of resistance for Tibet.

I have been a supporter of ICT and SFT for a long time now. I retired and so I no longer have the means for regular donations. But this is a particularly important day for Tibetans to remember and to keep in  public memory (Tibetan and otherwise), and I wanted to help.

This Anniversary reminds all Tibetans of the need for unity and encourages Tibetans inside and outside their homeland to remember they are one people.

I am just a “Friend of Tibet” who hopes other individuals and organizations will remember how important it is to support their young people.

I was in Tibet twice, in 2010 and 2012. It’s a beautiful, beautiful country but it breaks your heart to see what is going on there. I will help with donations whenever I can.  But this event seemed especially important.

– Jane Robinett, a supporter from Portland, Oregon, USA

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