UK Foreign Office confronts China on Shokjang

Today, we were very excited to receive a letter from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) assuring us that they share our concerns for political prisoner Shokjang (aka Druklo).

This is amazing! The FCO has raised Shokjang’s case with the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, most recently at the UK China-Human Rights Dialogue, but also during Parliamentary Questions, and in the FCO’s annual Human Rights Report.

You may recall that on October 19, I met with representatives at the FCO to convey our worries for Shokjang, who was imprisoned in China this year on trumped up charges relating to ‘separatism’ – China’s buzzword for any activity that threatens their authority. However, I know it is largely thanks to your letters, emails, and petition signatures, that the FCO responded to our call to action and raised Shokjang’s case repeatedly with Chinese delegates. This response shows that our efforts, and your constant support, really does pay off.

Nevertheless, our work is not done. Shokjang is still imprisoned and at Students for a Free Tibet, we will continue to engage with Foreign Offices around the world to build pressure on China to free Shokjang. If you haven’t already, get involved today at

In hope,

Ellen Lees
SFT-UK National Director


Plain text:

Dear Students for a Free Tibet,

Thank you for your letters & emails to the Foreign Secretary about the situation of Druklo (aka Shokjang). I am responding as a member of the China Department in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

We share your concerns at the treatment of Tibetan writer and blogger Druklo and have urged the Chinese authorities to release him, both publicly and privately. We raised his case at the UK China-Human rights dialogue which took place on 27 October. Foreign and Commonwealth office Minister Alok Sharma raised his case with the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, in writing, on 1 August 2016. Minister Sharma also mentioned Druklo in a response to a Parliamentary Question regarding the situation in Tibet (PQ 48663) on 18 October. We also highlighted his case in the FCO’s annual Human Rights Report, which was issued in April 2016 and updated on 21 July 2016.

I would be grateful if you could publish this response on your website/circulate this response to your supporters.

Yours sincerely,

China Department
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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