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Tibetan Independence Day Celebrated Worldwide

Tibetans and supporters worldwide commemorated Tibetan Independence Day on February 13 to celebrate Potala Palace, as a historical monument symbolic of Tibet's independent past. Students for a Free Tibet chapters around the world took part in the annual tradition of marking the day the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet re-declared Tibetan independence after driving out officials of the Qing dynasty from Tibet. Events ranged from panel discussions on Potala Palace to Tibetan traditional dance,to concerts and festivals, to poetry readings and local outreach drives.

A letter of inspiration from the recently released Jigme Guri

Free Tibet, an organization campaigning for freedom in Tibet based in the UK, recently acquired an inspiring letter from Jigme Guri, a recently released political prisoner who had served 5 years in total, in various prisons for ‘inciting splittism’ according to Chinese officials. Please see below the translated text from the original...
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Tibetans given long jail terms for celebrating Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday

Seven Tibetans were sentenced to long jail terms this week, some for celebrating the 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama last year, according to US-funded Radio Free Asia (RFA). The People’s Intermediate Court in Barkham county handed down the sentences on Tuesday, Kanyak Tsering, a Tibetan monk exiled in Dharamsala, India, told RFA, citing contacts in the region. The seven Tibetans were given terms ranging from five to 14 years.

A Tibetan self-immolates in Tibet

A Tibetan self-immolated at around 5pm local time today (8 December) on the streets of Machu county in Tibet’s Amdo Province. According to a video received, a body is seen engulfed in flames . A woman standing nearby is heard reciting prayers in the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

UK Foreign Office confronts China on Shokjang

Today we were very excited to receive a letter from the UK Foreign Office (FCO) assuring us that they share our concerns for Shokjang and have raised his case a number of times with Chinese ambassadors and delegates, most recently at the UK China - Human Rights Dialogue, but also during Parliamentary Questions, in writing, and in the FCO’s annual human rights report.
Welcome to our press section, where you can get our latest news and find current and archived press releases.

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