SFT Statement on ‘Day of the Imprisoned Writer’

Today, on the Day of the Imprisoned Writer observed around the world, we commemorate the writings of Shokjang, and call for his immediate, unconditional release. Shokjang represents the new generation of resistance in Tibet and has inspired thousands across the world through his critical and courageous actions, writings and poetry.

Today marks 972 days since Shokjang’s imprisonment by Chinese authorities. Currently being held in Menyuan prison, Shokjang was sentenced to 3 years for “inciting separatism” and “disturbing social stability” February of last year. Since then, hundreds of protests and events have taken place worldwide honouring the work of the courageous Shokjang, joined by the likes of Amnesty International, Pen America, Human Rights in China, various elected leaders around the world, as well as prominent writers and thinkers in Tibet. Shokjang’s arrest and false imprisonment expose a larger systemic issue of repression of all aspects of life in Tibet, including freedom of expression. It also underlines the increasing insecurity of the occupying regime of China.

As a result, the resistance inside Tibet is higher today than ever, in response to the increasing oppression under Xi Jinping’s regime in Tibet and other Chinese-occupied territories. We stand firm in our support and call for the release of Shokjang, and look forward to the day of his release, set to take place on March 19th, 2018.

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