Students for a Free Tibet’s response to Mercedes-Benz’ statement of apology to China

This morning, Mercedes-Benz issued a statement in response to their decision to remove an image that quoted the Dalai Lama on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Mercedes-Benz referenced Chinese ultra-nationalist sentiments as the reason for their removal of their “#MondayMotivation” post. In the statement, Mercedez-Benz says,

“…we noticed that our company’s international social media had posted an extremely erroneous message. For this, we sincerely apologize.

Although we deleted the post as soon as possible, we fully understand how it has hurt the feelings of people in this country [China], including our colleagues who work in the country. For this, we express our sincerest apologies.”

Rather than succumb to the pressure of Chinese ultra-nationalists’ “feelings,” Mercedes-Benz should consider the absence of human rights in China and Chinese occupied territories.

It is shameful that Mercedes-Benz, a company with the ability and responsibility to influence millions, has made this decision to aid China’s growing stranglehold on free speech around the world. There is no doubt that the Dalai Lama is a benevolent leader, Tibet is a country, and Tibet will be free.

Urgyen Badheytsang
Campaigns Director

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