Start a Chapter

SFT is built on grassroots, community organizing. We encourage everyone to start a chapter in their community to pave a road to a free and independent Tibet. Only with the involvement of diverse, local groups is our mission possible.

YOU can make a difference in the Tibetan Freedom Movement. By building an active community around you, you give Tibetans inside Tibet hope for freedom and independence. It’s simple – start your own chapter.

The process for starting your journey as a leader within the Tibetan Freedom Movement varies from school to school, and community to community. On our end, though, the process is simple.

Step 1

Register with us here. Once you and a couple of friends decide to take on the challenge to defend human rights and freedom in Tibet, register with us as a chapter. That puts us in contact with you and we are always ready to help.

Step 2

Pay your yearly chapter dues. If you cannot afford the $100 registration, apply for a waiver from the fee. As SFT is a grassroots organization, we are heavily dependent on financial support from individual members and chapters. Once your fees are paid or waived, we will send you a chapter starter kit with all kinds of fun goodies – including stickers, buttons, brochures, and access to a chapter manual.

Step 3

Gain official recognition at your school. The process and deadlines are different for each school, so make sure you research it!

Step 4

Table at your school and around your community. Tabling is a really easy way to get more members and word of mouth going about the Tibetan cause.

Step 5

Organize your first event! Try a simple interest meeting or something fun like Tibetan dinner or a movie screening. These social events will get the momentum going on your new SFT chapter.

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