Feb 13, 2018: #TibetAnthem

Stand for the
Tibetan National Anthem


Every country marks significant historical dates in its founding as a nation.

Regardless of its current political status, Tibet is no exception and Students for a Free Tibet has set aside February 13 as an important day to commemorate Tibet’s independent past. In occupied countries, observing independence day is a powerful expression of a people’s desire for freedom.

February 13, 2013, marked exactly 100 years since the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet proclaimed the restoration of its independence. Since 2013, February 13th has been celebrated in over 30 cities worldwide. Tibetans and their supporters have commemorated the 2008 Uprising, the Tibetan flag, the Centennial of the 1913 Tibetan Proclamation of Independence, the Legacy of the Tibetan Empire, and the Potala Palace by organizing flag raising ceremonies, exhibitions, lobbying events and other creative actions to put a spotlight on Tibet’s independent past. Globally, elected representatives took part in honoring this day and showed solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.

This year, join SFT as we commemorate Feb 13, Tibetan Independence Day, with “Stand for the Tibetan National Anthem” as a theme to mark this important day and to highlight the Tibetan people’s vision for a free and democratic Tibet.

Join us in our vision for a Free Tibet, where Tibetans in Tibet and in exile will be united in freedom to proudly sing the #TibetAnthem in front of the Potala Palace. A worldwide commemoration of this day will help renew our spirits and hope for the return of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to his rightful place in the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

Tibetan Lyrics

༄༄། བོད་རྒྱལ་ཁབ་ཀྱི་རྒྱལ་གླུ།







Si Zhi Phen De Dö Gu Jungwae Ter
Thubten Samphel Norbue Onang Bar.
Tendroe Nordzin Gyache Kyongwae Gön,
Trinley Kyi Rol Tsö Gye,

Dorje Khamsu Ten Pey,
Chogkün Jham Tse Kyong,
Namkö Gawa Gyaden,
ü-Phang Gung la Regh

Phutsong Dezhii Nga-Thang Gye
Bhod Jong Chul Kha,
Sum Gyi Khyön La
Dekyi Dzogden Sarpe Khyap.

Chösi Kyi Pel Yon Dhar
Thubten Chog Chur Gyepe
Dzamling Yangpae Kyegu
Zhidae Pel La Jör.

Bhöd Jong Tendrö Getzen Nyi-ö-Kyi
Trashi O-Nang Bumdutrowae Zi,
Nag Chog Munpae Yul Ley,
Gyal Gyur Chig.

English Translation

Let the radiant light shine of Buddha’s wish-fulfilling gem teachings, the treasure chest of all hopes for happiness and benefit in both secular life and liberation.

O Protectors who hold the jewel of the teachings and all beings, nourishing them greatly, may the sum of your karmas grow full.

Firmly enduring in a diamond-hard state, guard all directions with Compassion and love. Above our heads may divinely appointed rule abide endowed with a hundred benefits and let the power increase of fourfold auspiciousness.

May a new golden age of happiness and bliss spread throughout the three provinces of Tibet
and the glory expand of religious-secular rule.

By the spread of Buddha’s teachings in the ten directions, may everyone throughout the world
enjoy the glories of happiness and peace.

In the battle against negative forces may the auspicious sunshine of the teachings and beings of Tibet and the brilliance of a myriad radiant prosperities be ever triumphant.

Things you can do to take action:

Post Online

Sing the Tibetan National Anthem and post online on social media to show your pride! Use the hashtag #TibetAnthem

Organize an Event

Sing the Tibetan National Anthem outside Chinese consulates and embassies, or at public landmarks.

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